Project Managers are often dealing with conflicts. According to an American Management Association (AMA) study, managers spend at least 24% of their working hours managing conflicts, with no guarantee of a good result or healthy resolution.

What you probably don’t know is that breakdown in communication and misunderstandings in intentions and actions are the main elements that trigger conflicts within workplaces. The Digital Project Manager portal has made a list of 12 Resolution Techniques that could be helpful to build up peaceful environments:

  1. Forget About Winning Or Being Right
  2. Don’t Look For A Person To Blame – Look For A Root Cause
  3. Name Your Emotions Before Meeting
  4. Collaborate With The Other Party On How To Handle Conflict
  5. Keep Your Conversation Goal-Oriented
  6. Meet Face To Face
  7. Legitimize & Echo Their Feelings Back To Them
  8. Find An Opportunity To Admit You Were Wrong, Or What You Could Have Done Better
  9. Never Tell Someone What They Said, How They Felt, Or What They Did
  10. Focus On Behavior, Not Personality
  11. Communicate The Takeaways And Apply Learnings For Next Time
  12. Create Space For Conversation And Have Open Channels To Address Conflict

All the details about these points are available on this link: