Migrants will integrate more smoothly when they have good access to the labour market. Moreover, these non-natives are in favour of quickly entering the labour market. And companies and employers? They are constantly looking for new talent! When migrants and employers meet, good mediation between them is key.

Obelisk guides migrants who speak a foreign language on their way to work by mapping out their talents.

We provide them with the tools needed to make work-oriented choices when planning their careers. We especially want participants to become aware of their competences.” Nele, coach at Obelisk

30-year old Marcos is from Brazil and has been living in Antwerp for 10 months. He has already learned a bit of Dutch and now takes one of our career orientation courses for non-natives. We asked him to create a mind map to present himself in an original way; a first step towards an innovative CV.

“For my mind map I chose photos of Antwerp and fashion because I love exploring the city and I have a passion for fashion. You’ll also find photos of a hotel that refer to my job in Brazil, where I worked as a hotel receptionist. In Belgium, I would also like to work in the tourism industry, or possibly in sales. I’m taking this course to learn about my career possibilities in these sectors.” – Marcos, participant of career course

Obelisk also wants to assist companies with how they handle the cultural mix of employees. The project Intercultural Mediation for Managers aims at helping both migrants and managers deal with cultural differences at work. A survey among managers and non-native speakers showed that there is indeed a need for intercultural mediation at work since there are generally no strategies on how to deal with the topic yet and there is a lack of vision on the strategic level. The main challenge is to create an environment where there is more awareness and self-awareness about intercultural mediation.

The survey also showed that managers are willing to learn and are open to the idea of a training. That is where the project comes in. Intercultural Mediation for Managers will help managers gain knowledge of mediation techniques in a cultural context and will make them feel more confident managing an intercultural workplace.