Newsletter 3

In this 3rd newsletter we are glad to talk about pilot sessions of InterMed in all the partners’ countries Italy. Newsletter no. 3 – November 2019Download

Understand cultural differences in business.

Ignoring cultural differences in the company can be a fatal mistake for the organizations that intend to grow within the global economy. In this sense, communication with employees from other cultures becomes an essential pillar when associated with a greater...

The benefits and challenges of a heterogeneous working group.

Today, it is more important than ever to build a heterogeneous staff for your business that includes the culturally different employees. Teams that include the employees from different countries and backgrounds may have more creative ideas and methods of solving...

Newsletter 2

In this newsletter we want to press pause on the project and present to you the current state of affairs and a first look at what we have developed over the last year and a half. Discover the newsletter number 2 Download now

The benefits of Brainstorming

Although some teams are not inclined to face brainstorming sessions in the company, this method encourages the creativity and the openness to new ideas.It creates a proactive listening environment and encourages the team spirit. It facilitates the breaking of classic...

Newsletter 1

Intercultural mediation is an essential skill for each employer managing an international and intercultural workforce. Discover the newsletter number 1Download now

Increase the team’s Creativity

Employees are often pressured by their employers by a fast pace of work. This means that work is carried out normally and normally, to the detriment of entrepreneurial creativity. Research has found that a short period of Mindfulness training can have a positive...